West Sussex is now home to the UK’s second subsidy-free solar farm

West Sussex is now home to the UK’s second subsidy-free solar farm

December 6, 2018 Off By Nound1973

Are solar farms the next sources of the world’s energy? Will West Sussex be the origin of humanity’s next step into cleaner energy dependence? Knowing that West Sussex is now home to the UK’s second subsidy free solar farm is a comforting thought to bare. The importance of science pursuing the overall innovation of solar power through the use of a solar farm cannot be overstated because of how much it can essentially change the future of how humankind lives and thrives off its surroundings. It’s true that up until now, many modern societies have survived using things like natural gas and petroleum, but with the lowering of solar PV battery storage cost UK options, that is beginning to change.

It’s very important to clarify how dangerous it is for humankind to essentially rely heavily on fossil fuels such as the ones just mentioned, due to how the long-term consequences will come to pass in the immense harm they can do to the environment as well and even the air we breathe with the growing matter of global warming looming over us. Utilizing solar power from a solar farm can be an essential corner step in changing how human beings live, and knowing the UK’s second solar farm is in West Sussex can make plenty of health and energy conscious people feel safer and hopeful for what can be done and where this can go given that farming in itself has helped society function.

Having a second solar farm in West Sussex country is very helpful because not only for the fact that a great amount of clean renewable energy will be produced at a faster rate, but at the same time it will mean that a lot of residents within the area will be able to benefit with greater income opportunities.

The Benefits of a Solar Farm
Because a Solar farm uses solar energy then that means that it is pollution free, which reduces any risk of greenhouse gases being emitted following the process of installation. A solar farm can be a massive contribution to the never-ending debate of global warming. Because so many of the fossil fuels that are regularly burned and dispersed into the air, then that means more carbon emissions. Having a solar farm can essentially reduce that and some of the main benefits that come with having a fully functioning solar energy powered farm include:

  • A much lower electricity bill regarding factors such as the maintenance of the farm
  • A reduced flood risk to the farm
  • Great security that actually works to protect the solar panels in the farm
  • A much cleaner and a better environment for the wildlife and even the animals within the farm: Better to have a healthy farm stock than a sick one

The first solar farm of West Sussex was established back in October 2015. It is now the year 2018 and having the second farm in place has made the situation more hopeful because even scientists are predicting that eventually, solar energy will be the main drive behind the main source behind one fourth of the energy planet Earth relies on. If solar farms do eventually become a global phenomenon of clean energy dependence, then what that could mean is that the planet Earth will finally be able to take care of itself rather than draw power from an energy that is essentially poisonous and harmful in the long run of its use.

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