How To Plant Seeds In Essential Plant Trays

March 3, 2020 Off By Nound1973

If you want to start planting your indoor garden, seed trays are the best for the purpose. With plant trays, your seed proliferates, and you need not strive much to improve your garden. You may get your seeds ready for the spring in this way. Seed trays make it prepared to go outside in much lesser time

It would be best if you did necessary planning to plant the seeds well before the last frost duration. The growth time depends on the plant type you are growing you may decide when you are going to start the germination of the seeds.

Instruction on the packaging

You must go through the instructions on the packaging before you are planting. If there are additional steps, you should perform accordingly. You may have to g through soaking or chilling process before they seeds are planted. It would help if you kept all this in mind.

Holes in the bottom

Check the past growing system for growing dates specific for your region.

It is a natural choice to buy the cell tray with holes. The holes make the drainage possible. If you are using a cell tray, it may be the best choice. It helps the seeds to grow without any interference with the other grains. You should opt for the hole in the bottom if it is available. You may buy the tray at any gardening store in your area.

If there is no hole in the bottom, you may use a knife to make holes in the bottom of each tray.

Egg cartons

If you are looking for a free alternative you may use an egg carton for making the tray. It is freely available in your store without any extra charges. You may also opt for biodegradable trays, and you may have it in your home. It is easy. When you have used all the eggs in the carton, Make a hole in its bottom and use it as a plant tray. The hole is beneficial for soil to have good drainage.

You may place the cell tray in a larger plastic tray, and if the tray is flat, it may help the transportation of water to your seedlings. In this way, they will make roots. You may buy plastic trays from the local gardening shop.

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